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Our Company

Review. Change. Advance

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Identifying our customer’s needs is a pivotal point for us. Our team will talk or meet with you to  develop our understanding of all aspects of your business. We want to know about you, your customers, your brand, your unique service/product offerings and your company’s vision.

Problem Solving

We teach our team members to listen attentively to our clients. Thereafter we analyse the client’s needs and approach. We identifying areas of improvements which we believe can add significant value to your business, product or idea. We’ll present our findings to our customers through a series of mock designs or storyboard and come to a mutual decision.

End-to-end Service

We is uniquely positioned to provide end to end services for your product, your business or your next event. We’ll manage your graphic design and marketing collateral, we’ll photograph your products, we’ll setup and video record your high profile event, we’ll hosting and build your main business or product/event specific website with features that will wow your customers or participants.

Globally Connected

From our Sydney office, our team can can work on projects in neighboring Melbourne or Perth. Similarly, we can manage online meetings and communications from Chicago to London. Sharing ideas and files has become easier than ever. As long as our customers can understand our uniquely ‘Australian’ accent then we’re sure to get a long like a house on fire.

My Story

Engineering by trade, for over a decade my passion would visit me during late nights and was supported heavily with coffee and biscuits.

Free at last to follow my passion, it is now time to take Exposure PDP out from the cover of night and experience what ExposurePDP could do during day light hours. With the help and the encouragement of a few like minded creative individuals with a shared passion and flare for creativity – ExposurePDP is now ready to make its mark in the professional world.

  • Photopgraphy 30%
  • Design & Branding 40%
  • Porduction 20%
  • Website Development 10%


Director, Design & Photographer

Business and customer focussed to bring the best results for us and our customers. Happy clients our our key asset.  



Design, Website

With a detailed brief 2 pages long ro a quick sketch on the back of a napkin, Peter will work his magic and plesantly suprise you with his amazing designs.




Editing video can be boring as hell if you lack the passion. Fortunately, Bilal has the passion to work the many hours required to produce ‘just’ a 30 second animation.